Terms of Service


  • Any order which has been damaged prior to delivery, where you have informed us within 24 hours of the delivery attempt, will be replaced by us free of charge with a duplicate copy of the same print as ordered. 
  • Any damage caused after successful delivery is the responsibility of the customer, and any replacements will be provided subject to payment for the current print price on the website. 

Customs, Excise Duties & Import Taxes

  • All prints are produced and shipped from Toronto, Canada.

  • The payment of any import customs charges, duties and taxes, whether local or international, are the responsibility of the customer.

Print Guarantee & Warranty

  • All prints are provided with a guarantee against colour degradation and fading, limited in time to the lifetime of the original purchaser.

  • This guarantee means that we will provide you with replacement print of the same size, specification and image where the visible colour content has deteriorated, subject to the following conditions:

  • The print(s) must have been stored and displayed out of any form of direct sunlight during its entire lifetime.

  • The print(s) must have been protected behind a material capable of removing at least 95% of all Ultra-Violet wavelengths of light during its entire lifetime.

  • The print(s) have not been subjected to any temperature below 0°C or above 30°C during its entire lifetime.

  • To invoke the guaranteed replacement warranty, a claim should be sent by you to us in writing, detailing the specifics of the damage caused by fading, including photographs of the print(s) in question.

Print Formats

  • All prints will be delivered in lay-flat packaging. You hold sole responsibility for framing your print(s).